Fertilisation is the feeding of plants, while Fertigation is the feeding of plants by means of first dissolving the nutrients in the irrigation water. Hence the name “Fertigation” which is a combination of the two words “Fertilisation” and “Irrigation”.


Advantages of Fertigation

  • Uniform application of the fertilisers throughout the irrigated area.
  • The amounts and concentrations of nutrients can be accurately calculated and fed to the plant on a daily basis, based on the plant needs and the climatic conditions.
  • Improving fertiliser efficiency and reducing nutrients leaching below the root zone.
  • Saving of time and labor. Increasing yield production and quality.
  • Suitable for all types of irrigation systems and growth conditions.
Source: Haifa South Africa. Contact them at 021 982 0309.


Find the notes on fertigation on the International Fertiliser Association website at www.fertilizer.org. These include “Fertigation: A nutrient- and water-efficient precision agriculture tool”.



Role players


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Representative Bodies
Training, Consulting & Research Service Providers
David Gates Consulting https://davidgatesconsulting.com Intensive ornamental & floriculture horticulture industry consulting
ARC-Agricultural Engineering (AE) www.arc.agric.za Email iaeinfo [at] arc.agric.za for the publications called simply "Fertigation". It is also available in Afrikaans.
Community, NGO and NPO Service Providers

Consult “Fertiliser”, “Speciality fertilisers”, “Irrigation” and “Hydroponics and undercover growing” for more role players.


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