Included in the category of “Implements” are hay and forage equipment, planters, telehandlers and loaders, sprayers, ground-working equipment, spreaders and graders. On this page we give details of suppliers and dealers, and where more information may be found.

The reader is also referred to complementary pages e.g. “Tractors, combines and balers”, “Precision farming”, “Conservation agriculture”, “Animal traction: the use of animal power”, “Grain storage & handling”, the differents etc.

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Representative Bodies
Training, Consulting & Research Service Providers
ARC-Agricultural Engineering (AE) The ARC-AE is involved in research and development with regards to implements and tractor utilisation. Training can be provided in basic mechanisation concepts and mechanisation planning. Guidelines from the ARC can be purchased (see next heading) and/or downloaded from their website.
AgriSETA Included in the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)-accredited qualifications is “Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure”. Find the “Unit Standards” and “Learning Material” options on the AgriSETA website.
Community, NGO and NPO Service Providers

Further reference:

  • Agribusinesses and co-operatives deal with agricultural implements (refer to the “Agribusiness” page).

Smallholder farmer

  • Among the details above, find the following companies: Afritrac, Agrinet, Backsaver Farmer Equipment, Eden Equip, GENTAG (Generic Engineering Task Group), JAPS Engineering and RY Agriculture.

Training & research

  • Producer organisations like Grain SA and the South African Sugar Research Institute (SASRI) run farm implement maintenance training courses.
  • The FARMS programme at the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of the Free State, can generate mechanisation reports to help determine the effectiveness of your mechanisation system. The user’s guide is available on the website in pdf format.


The implements table below categorises the type of implements provided by these companies. Please check this against the company’s own website, or give them a call.


Company Hay/forage/feed-related Planters Ground engaging Graders, dam scoops, earth-moving Sprayers Spreaders Orchard/vineyard-related
Agri Afrika
Agri Shalom
Agrifeed Systems
Alpha Engineering
Argo Industrial
BP Implements
Cango Engineering
CNH Industrial
Diamond Implements
Dicla Agri Machinery
Eden Equip
Falcon Equipment
Farmquip SA
GC Tillage
GMG Power SA
Hardi Crop
Ilgi Africa
John Deere
Joubert Implemente
Kanna Industries
Kat Implemente
Lemken SA
Mnani Implements
Morningdew Farms
Northmec Implements
Orbach Agri
Orthman SA
Quantum Field Services
Radium Engineering
Reapers Agri
Richard Keenan SA
Ritlee Industrial
Rolo Voermengers
Rovic & Leers
Rumax/BJP Supplies
RY Agriculture
Skaarland Engineering
Smith Power Equipment
SA Mechanisation
Turnerland Manufacturing
Van Zyl Staalwerke
VanBreda Agri
X Farm

Websites and publications

Visit the websites listed earlier on this page.

Koos le Roux has written the Meganisasiegids (Mechanical Guide). Le Roux can be contacted at 082 828 9531 or on email at koosleroux [at]

Refer to the document compiled by Dr Wimpie Nell, University of the Free State entitled “Guidelines for Mechanisation and Labour Planning” on the Department of Agricultural Economics webpages at

Call 012 842 4017 or email iaeinfo [at] for the following publications, available from the ARC-Agricultural Engineering in Silverton:

  • Mechanisation basics: Sprayers en spraying techniques (Training manual)
  • Mechanisation basics: Row crop planters (Training manual)
  • Mechanisation basics: Calculations and measurement (Training manual)
  • Introduction to row crop planters
  • Comparative review of technical specifications for no-till jab-planters
  • The operation and application of mounted mowers
  • The operation and application of hay rakes and hay tedders
  • The operation and application of medium and big square balers
  • The application and operation of round balers
  • The application and operation of rotary tillers
  • The operation and application of subsoilers and rippers
  • The operation and application of chisel ploughs
  • The operation and application of mouldboard ploughs
  • The operation and application of disc-harrow
  • The operation and application of row-crop cultivators
  • The operation and application of disc ploughs

Included in the ARC’s Maize Information Guide (MIG) are guides on implements e.g. “Testing of drawbar power for tillage implements”, “Testing of drawbar power for tillage implements”. Download the publication at

World Ploughing Organisation


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