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Growing meat and houses in science labs

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Human evolution has gone hand-in-hand with the eating of meat. Over the centuries, the days and nights around the fires of feasts where meat was cooked must be countless. And the barbeques (braais in South Africa) of today go on.

If you are unfamiliar with the production of meat in laboratories, read more at or watch the cultured beef video (just over 6 minutes). The research makes sense when you bear in mind the projected growth in the human population by 2050, to say nothing of the environmental (and some ethical) issues around meat production.

Some of you may think “Whatever next!”

Well, you could watch view James Hutson’s clip explaining synthetic biology. View the tree that turns into a tree and a house, giving a whole new meaning to “treehouse”, what was previously limited to something which absorbed a child’s time.

After this, Biotechnology and plant breeding, one of the pages on Agribook.Digital might seem quite tame, but will bring you back to what, for now anyway, is the present.