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Forestry and forest products sector releases global Sustainability Progress Report

The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) has released its biennial Sustainability Progress Report which demonstrates progress in seven key areas of sustainability: sustainable forest management, renewable energy, greenhouse gas and suplhur dioxide emissions, water use, health and safety, and recycling.

Wow, can wood really make that?

For millennia, trees have provided mankind with fuel, food, fibre and medicine from their fruit, flowers, roots, wood, leaves and branches. In fact, many things we use daily are connected to wood. Printer paper, chewing gum, planks, viscose fabric, vitamins, pallets, toilet tissue, toothpaste, and detergents all have a link back to wood.


Introduction The “Adding value” section of the Agribook website (of which this page is a part) deals with, well, adding value to the primary agricultural product. This finished product is what the consumer wants and pays money for. Because of this, farmers are often advised to be more involved in the activities that happen beyond […]

Wood, pulp and paper

Wood, pulp, paper in South Africa

This page looks at what happens downstream of the plantations: sawmilling, furniture making, paper and pulp production etc.   TIMBER PROCESSING Fibre Sawmilling Treated poles Charcoal Pulp milling Wood chip Fibre board From which come: (i) paper & paper products (ii) wood products Mining timber Sawn lumber From which come: (i) wood products (ii) wood […]