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Risk mitigation: The Predator Problem

Halfway between Middelburg and Cradock you’ll find Conway with its railway siding, trading post and farms.  In response to questions about jackal predation, I was told:  “Vermin have got out of control since farmers began to drive around in their bakkies all day and don’t walk with their dogs or horse ride through the camps, checking fences and keeping an eye on the stock … that’s how vermin got out of control.”

Camera traps reveal the wildlife of the Cape Winelands

A suite of camera traps supplied to WWF Conservation Champion farms in the Cape Winelands are revealing some surprise visitors – from leopards to aardwolf – and helping conservation-minded farmers better understand how to manage their veld.

Wildlife on farms

Introduction Chancing across a steenbok on your farm can lead to a sense of mystery and fascination. You feel honoured, a witness to a world that passes unseen by humanity’s schedules and timetables. The presence of wildlife on farms is not always as discreet or innocent. A while back, the costs of livestock losses to […]