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South African citrus: new EU rules are unjust and punitive

In mid-July 2022 the European Union imposed new restrictions on South African citrus imports. The new phytosanitary requirements were meant to address False Codling Moth, a citrus pest that is native to South Africa and for which there is zero tolerance in the EU.

South African citrus celebrates record breaking export season with 146 million cartons of fruit

“Ten months ago, in March 2020, we predicted a bumper export season, estimating that export volumes would reach 143 million cartons of fruit. Now that the final export figures are in, we can announce a record-breaking 2020 export season that delivered 146 million cartons of South African citrus to the rest of the world,” said Justin Chadwick CEO of the Citrus Grower’s Association in South Africa.

Citrus Fruit

Introduction Citrus comprises the following broad categories: oranges, soft citrus, grapefruit, and lemons and limes. These can be consumed as fresh fruit or processed for juice making, juice concentrates and dried fruit production. Citrus fruit can also be processed as essential oils obtained from fruit peels. These are used by the flavour houses to add […]