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Vehicles – other

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Associations Involved Automobile Association (AA) Automobile Manufacturers Employers Organisation (AMEO) c/o NAAMSA (see below) Automotive Industry Development Centre Automotive Industry Export Council Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) The CAA regulates aviation in South Africa and provides official information for the aviation industry. Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa Find the link to affiliate associations e.g. Airports & Aerodromes Association […]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Radial Ply Imported tractors are normally fitted with Radial Ply tyres. These tyres are all marked with a Load Index and Speed Symbol on the sidewall. A copy of the Speed Symbol table is below. However, these merely indicate the tyres maximum carrying capacity and speed at the maximum speed. When it comes to […]

Trucks and heavy machinery

Introduction This page is weighted towards the “trucks”. Readers wishing for a database of heavy machinery providers should consult a copy of the Plant & Equipment magazine (or its website). Many categories are covered e.g. bulldozers, crawler excavators, backhoe loaders, landfill compactors etc. Role players Companies  Companies Note: Click to expand the headings below. To get a […]


Role players Companies Note: Click to expand the headings below.  To get a free listing on our website like the ones below, visit here for more information or place your order here. Disclaimer: The role player listings are not vetted by this website.  Leo’s Trailer Manufacturers – On the website find details of 26 different trailer optionsAgriCAD – Bulk trailer range for harvesting […]

Tractors, combines and balers

Introduction Buying equipment is one of the largest investments that a farm business can make. Large amounts of money are committed and some of the equipment is used only a few times during the year, and in many cases it is difficult to sell this equipment at a suitable trade value. Furthermore, the machinery needs […]

Spare parts and fleet maintenance

Introduction The correct servicing and maintenance of agricultural machinery is vital, considering the conditions under which they operate. Keep up to date with the latest developments and new implements and new technology (more bearings fail, for example, from over greasing than under greasing). Keep work shops clean and dust free. Remove chain from implements during […]

Pumps and generators

Selecting a pump for a project is a team effort: the more the user can tell about his requirements (i.e. flow, head, levels, alternative duties), the easier it is for the supplier (and the user) to select the correct equipment. Here is a piece written by Gerhard Botha of New Way Power Systems – points to guide […]


Included in the category of “Implements” are hay and forage equipment, planters, telehandlers and loaders, sprayers, ground-working equipment, spreaders and graders. On this page we give details of suppliers and dealers, and where more information may be found. The reader is also referred to complementary pages e.g. “Tractors, combines and balers”, “Precision farming”, “Conservation agriculture”, […]

Forklifts, loaders and light industrial machines

Forklift training: saving you money If you think about it, to operate a forklift or other lifting equipment is more complicated than driving a car, yet most would pale at the thought of the operator of their forklift moving their car for them!   By law, lifting equipment operators have to have a certificate of […]

Animal traction: the use of draught animal power

Introduction On commercial agriculture farms, animal traction can be used to supplement tractor operations and reduce operating costs. Typical activities are transporting of farming inputs, produce and fodder; spreading fertiliser and manure; and weeds control. Animal power plays a role in the development of emerging farmers entering commercial agriculture. The initial capital investment is about one third what it […]