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With the partnership between Peritum Agri Institute and Reitz Landbou Akademie this has become a reality.

After two years of almost constant lockdown and uncertainty, the Agri gap year (first for South Africa) offers prospective students the freedom of an agricultural setting and the opportunity to build a solid foundation for the future.

The Agri gap year offers a solution to prospective students with an interest in agriculture to combine holistic preparation for adulthood and the world of work with a year of fun. While still following structured learning programmes in agricultural management and gaining valuable exposure to various components of agriculture.

The programme is an ideal opportunity for prospective students to take a step back and gain perspective after a challenging and demanding school career. It also offers prospective students the opportunity to undertake a journey of self-discovery and growth and to gain valuable experience in the agricultural sector. It also offers prospective students the adventure of a lifetime whilst equipping them for the future.

The exposure to agriculture is divided into four components: (i)practical demonstrations, (ii) short learning modules, (iii) weekly farming rotations, and (iv) best practice farm visits. It also includes a shearing course, yearly vaccination programmes, production models, stud inspection, soil profile analysis, water analysis, auctions, and carcass analysis. Students will rotate every week and look after the seven different departments of the Reitz Landbou Akademie farming operation. A visit to Sernick, where students will see the total meat value chain, is also included in the programme.

The programme will be based in Reitz, a warm rural community in the beautiful Northeastern Free State. Reitz has a rich farming heritage and a strong agricultural economy. The Lentehof hostel at Reitz High School will provide lodging to the students during the year. Students will be in double rooms and three nutritious meals will be provided daily.

The Agri-Gap year is made possible by the partnership between Peritum Agri Institute and Reitz Landbou Akademie. Partners from the RLA include Grain SA, Standard Bank, John Deere, Sernick Group and VKB.

Photo by Theodor Vasile on Unsplash

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